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leave some written trace of my memories.

starting with the last-ish silly update

may 3
had the kostuch 20/20 conference orientation
came home and blah..
went downtown to meet up with lp
was supposed to chill, ended up walking around eatons

may 4
chiconference orientation
choir dress rehersal

may 5
choir performance

may 8 + 9
chiconference reception and conference

may 10
lloyd's birthday, got hammered
i got really annoyed with his repeatative questions
i met william again, peter, ganwen, mike, jessica, guy who puked, korean guy
overall ok night

may 11
went out with mom and dad to get flowers and herb garden
lloyd called in the middle, didn't remember some stuff haha
came home and planted and stuff

may 12
mom's birthday =) oh dear.. what did we do?

may 14
kostuch 20/20 conference

may 15
elizabeth's birthday

may 18
watched disturbia with jan eric
bbt with kev and darrien
got home at 3am hahaha

may 19
richard frikkin birthday
woke up around 10:30 to bake
left home around 4
davisville, distillery, old spaghetti factory
got on the sheppard bus to go to jan's
watched a bit of hot fuzz and then 28dayslater
they grilled burgers and burnt hotdogs
waited like 2 hours for the lasagna
kevin brought his wii and we played some
failed at darts haha had like 3 beers
got home around 5 =0 hehe..

may 20
got woken up by mom around 12
went shopping at vaughan mills
found out that my grandfather passed away
day continues rather horribly
had to eat some random dinner at fantasia
really good shrimp, fish and stuff tho

may 21
tennis with artur, kshusha and bf
dinner with estranged distant relative

may 23
korean lunch with mom and dad
got home to a missed call from kev
then went out and 'ate' with eric and kev
also checked the times at fmp
then went to pmall for 'bbt' and met up with phil and edward
then left pmall for the movie with just phil
watched shrek 3 with eric phil kevin
danced around afterwards
bought my PIRATES ticket and also bought phils

sigh.. yay almost time for pirates
happy sad it's all relative




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